For four decades already, Björk has been challenging herself and the music scene. From her early days with The Sugarcubes over the world famous ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ to her latest album ‘Utopia’, her odes to life and love are always goose bump inducing. She flirts with electronica, classical music, trip hop and avant-garde and is never afraid to look human darkness in the eye. However, Björk is not only skilled musically. Her acting performance in Lars Von Trier’s masterpiece ‘Dancer in the Dark’ earned her the Golden Palm and the award for best actress at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000.

On 11 July 2018, Björk will play her only Benelux concert of the year on the impressive Sint-Pietersplein in Ghent. The multi-talented Icelandic singer promises to enchant her audience with both her world hits and new songs from her ninth studio album. After her album ‘Vulnicura’, in which she wept her post-divorce broken heart, ‘Utopia’, as the title suggests, embraces the positive. Rolling Stone gave the album a dazzling four stars and called it a “musical multiple orgasm”. In these dark, dystopian times, Björk’s “plea for love, optimism and beauty” (Knack Focus) is a sight for sore eyes and ears, a breath of fresh air for the soul.


Lanark Artefax from Glasgow was noticed by the Icelandic singer thanks to his ingenious remix of “Arisen My Senses”. Aphex Twin has been one of his very first fans.


London-based artist Klein is going down an equally original and intriguing musical path as Björk. Think of bold piano and guitar blends mixed with phone recordings of her own voice and samples of Nigerian B-movies.