At the concert venue

Food & drinks

It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the concert. No worries, there are plenty of drink and food stands to quench your hunger and thirst!

Protect your ears

We strictly respect the maximum decibel threshold set by law, without compromising on sound quality. To minimize the risk of hearing damage even further, ear plugs are available for free.


Björk’s official merchandising is available on the concert site. Anything sold outside of the official stand, might be fake.


The safety of visitors, artists, employees and local residents is an absolute priority. To guarantee a nice evening for all, some house rules are required.

When entering the concert site, you agree to all preventive and monitoring measures taken by the organizers or the security teams. This may also include the search of a person and their belongings. Failure to comply with these measures may result in being refused access to the concert.

Your own food and drinks, knives, weapons, large backpacks and professional photo, film and recording equipment are not allowed on site. A golden tip: bring as little as possible!

When entering the site, you agree that you might be recorded on photo, film or audio and that this material might be used for other purposes.

No ticket refunds will be made and the organizers cannot be held responsible for possible damage, theft or loss.


Have a question while you’re at the concert? Our recognizable stewards will gladly help you along!