Rechargeable card

The rechargeable card, a handy card which allows you to pay for all food and drinks on this Björk day.

Where do I get one?

At the rechargeable card counters on the concert site, you’ll get a card with your first purchase. You can recharge it there as often as you please. The rechargeable card counters accept cash, credit and debit cards.

How do I pay at the bar?

Once you’ve ordered, you simply hold your card against the payment terminal, which will then show you your new amount. You can always check your current amount at a bar without ordering.

Get your money back!

If you still have money left on your rechargeable card after the event, you can request a refund from 14 to 28 July on our website We will transfer the remaining money to your bank account. A transaction fee of 2 euros will be charged for amounts above 5 euros.

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